Team Éxito en Madrid

The best way to understand a traveler is to be one of them

We, as Mother and daughter started this great project in February 2021.

Together, we traveled 21 years around the world: Spain, Europe or countries like Mongolia, India, Amazonas, etc.

These trips made us understand how wonderful it is to learn about other cultures. Not only for their customs and gastronomies, but also for how delightfull getting to know other personalities and ways of living is.

It was just then when the boss – mother- came up with the idea of creating a home in our own home: This would give us the opportunity to receive other travelers like us with the same concerns and curiosities.

And we would do it surrounded by the great team that accompanies us in this adventure: the cleaning team and the night and day reception teams. Thanks to them we continue to carry out this great project.

Exito in Madrid is a place where you will find comfort, an unbeatable location and the best possible attention to enjoy this great city that is Madrid.

A city full of life wherever you look. And just like that came the idea of assigning each room for a different type of traveler: En Familia, Exitazo, Mochilera (Backpacker), Arte… and, of course, a room for people with reduced mobility Galdós.

You will find us in Gran Vía 44, a location that brings together the most energetic, vigorous and dynamic atmosphere along with incredible views of the heart of the capital.

Our accommodation adapts to the needs of each traveler and this, together with the functionalities of this house, will make your experience in Madrid,
A complete success!


For Éxito there is nothing impossible. For Éxito there is nothing impossible. For Éxito there is nothing impossible.

Come, meet us and stay as long as you want.

You will feel at home.